Textile tradition since 1959



Lazzati Textile Group has its roots in 1959 in the Alto Milanese area, one of the most important European location
for its strong textile tradition.

 The production of artificial fiber fabrics immediately stands out for its quality in the sports wear sector and for its high technology thanks to the installation of the first Nissan water looms.

The next push took place in 1989, thanks to a strategic choice dictated by the acquisition of Tintoria Leucadia specialized in dyeing rope and offshore of natural, synthetic and mixed fabrics.


In 2014, to open up to new market segments, the group founded Texnob for the ennobling of the fabrics used in the different sectors of clothing, footwear and furnishings.


The daily challenge arises from marketing strategies to move towards new horizons where different knowledge, know-how and new technologies converge to create new products.

Advanced technical fabrics that are increasingly performing
and comfortable as a synthesis between the quality of the raw material, the creativity of the design and the structure,
and the experience of the staff.


We know how to interpret market demands and transform them
into a finished product.



In this age centered on consumerism, greater attention
is developing towards the planet.


The textile industry plays a crucial role at an environmental level because it has a significant impact on global water consumption and gas emissions in the atmosphere.


This is a reason why a new awareness of the choice of eco-friendly fabrics is important because can reduce the environmental impact.


In this sense, we have chosen to create new textile products made from waste materials, such as polyester thread recycled
from post-consumer plastic bottles for a more aware
and environmentally friendly fashion in the name of sustainability and transparency.

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